School Is Out!!!

Well we did it. All three kiddos survived their first year in parochial school. And I have to say, Daddy and I didn’t do too bad either. While they love their school, they are excited to be out for the summer. Like most parents, I am busy putting together activities to ensure their little brains don’t turn to mush.

My oldest daughter and I will be working on a book together this summer. Our goal is to help give voice to other children with similar experiences. Even in the best of circumstances, foster care can be scary and unsettling to a child. Particularly when being uprooted several times to new homes. Writing her story has been particularly therapeutic for her – and me if I am honest. Boy does she have a lot to say.

My younger two are a different story however. They are not interested in “learning” activities. I can tell their little brains are busy scheming on how to get away with as many shenanigans as possible. My little guy is already campaigning to stay awake until it is dark outside. They don’t realize mommy and daddy don’t get summer vacation in the same way they do. I can’t blame them though.

All year-long it has been routine, routine, routine. I am looking forward to a little break too. It is a tough balance though. During the school year, weekends are our fun time. We pack as much as we can and are exhausted by Monday. I don’t think we can keep that pace throughout the summer. But if tonight is any indication of what lies ahead for the next three months, I am in trouble.

When I was younger, my mom would always say, “When you have children of your own, they are going to be just like you.” This was usually said to me when I was jumping off of or onto furniture, going down the slide with a mop handle in my hand, the list goes on and on. I didn’t understand that wisdom then, but boy do I get it now.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; even if the apple is transplanted to a different tree. Although not from my own biology, my kids are unmistakably like me. Perhaps we don’t look-alike, but they have my same mischievous disposition. How could they not? They are with me all the time. They are either the victims or active participants of practical jokes around the house. They walk around making up silly songs or repeating ones I’ve made up for them. We have weekend morning dance offs just because. We don’t do quiet very well. We laugh loud, we play loud, we sing loud.

Much like my sisters and I, my kids are thick as thieves. If mom and dad only knew the things we did when we were kids I am sure they would try to put us in time out all these years later. Boy can my kids cooperate when it comes to fun and mischief. They are better at that than we ever were. Yep, I am in trouble. This kind of trouble though, I take gladly.



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