Welcome Readers!!!

If you are like me, you enjoy a good story. Here is mine.

Once upon a time, I was a kid. I loved to read and write. I hoped to one day write a book. Well here’s to turning hope into action. My first book is about to get inked!!! It is a picture book about the love of a mother for her adopted child. This is the story I told my son every night when he first came home to us. Fast forward three years and I have finally put it to paper. Among my many blessings is having an artist in the family. Thanks to my sister M.A. Moisa (the aforementioned artist) my story has come to life with beautifully created illustrations. Thanks sis!!!

But why stop there? Sis and I are busy putting the final touches on Simon the Dragon. I am also working on three more children’s stories that I hope to get out in the next year. Now my hope is that you and others might enjoy them enough to buy them.

Marveluz Books is dedicated to the inner author in all of us. While I am currently featuring my book, we are open to promoting other authors. Please send us an email with any inquiries.



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