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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

I am still smiling from reading “DJ’s Lullaby”. It is a beautiful and simple book that springs from the heart. The illustrations and text flow beautifully together. It is a wonderful tool for discussing adoption, and how adopted children are so special to the moms that heaven sends them to. The concluding poem is poignant and powerful and a testament to a mother’s love. I hope that Enriquez and Moisa collaborate on future projects and recommend this book to parents, grandparents and anyone who knows a great mom or dad with a small child.

Reviewed by M.K. Turner for

“DJ’s Lullaby: a Mother’s Love Song,” by Lucy Rivas Enriquez is everything a very young child’s picture book should be.

Ms. Enriquez has written the perfect bedtime story for an adopted child. For any child…each drawing by M. A. Moisa in “DJ’s Lullaby” perfectly captures that moment in the story: the important “mommy parts” are shown in an open box (perfect for pointing to—”See the mommy heart!”); the long, loving arms wind around the child; the baby peeks through the clouds at the waiting mommy; and the baby’s laughter at his mommy’s silliness just leaps off the page.

 M. Scheufele – The

DJ’s Lullaby A Mother’s Love Song written by Lucy Rivas Enriquez and illustrated by M.A. Moisa is a story for everyone. The passion in this story will reach out to all. Children need a story like this one to imagine, like when long ago storks left babies on the doorstep of loving family homes. Some families always had enough love to give to babies and the stork knew about them. Nowadays, this lullaby story will help all children to know that there is love.

Jenni –

As a birth mother myself, I have always been a strong proponent of adoption. I think it is an amazing experience to be able to give a child to a mother that is unable to carry her own child. While times have changed, and adoption is becoming more acceptable now than it was years ago when I went through it, one thing still remains the same– explaining adoption to the adopted child.

This is where the book “DJ’s Lullaby” comes in. It addresses the how and the why of adoption in an easy child-friendly way. Geared more towards younger children, it shows how the mother has everything she needs to be a parent– yet doesn’t have a baby. I loved how the author explained the mother waiting until just the right child was ready to be born. This book helps to make the adopted child feel very special and know that God saved him to give to just the right Mother.

Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers’ Favorite

This is an adorable little book for moms who are waiting, or wanting to adopt a baby. I love the heart-warming poem at the end of the book. What a special gift to have this poem to read to a little one who has been adopted. This poem takes readers into the heart of a mom who has adopted a child, assuring her child of her love, even though she did not give birth to him/her.

This is a wonderful, heartwarming story that should be read to all children. For those adopted, “DJ’s Lullaby” will assure them they can also be loved, and for children who are not adopted, this story will be a strong assurance to them.

Reviewed by Teresa Konopka for Smart Book Reviews –

This book is so nice it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  If someone is reading this book with their adopted child, the child will feel all the love from the book and realize that an adopted child is just like a birth child when it comes to love.  I also liked how the illustrations were a mix of artistic mediums.  Sometimes it looked like there was marker, other times watercolor paint.  Overall, this is a great book that will touch the hearts of readers with a story of love and belonging.

Reviewed by Gayle Pace –

Anyone who is a mom, is going to be a mom, or even knows a mom can thoroughly enjoy this book. Ms. Enriquez is providing some tools for bringing up the conversation of how parents love their adopted children.  They’re no different than blood born. The book carries a theme of God’s plan and the faith and trust in his plan. I liked this book because it starts children out at an early age to learn what adoption is and that it makes no difference to the people who love them.

Reviewed by Dawnette for DBR Books –

DJ’s Lullaby is a heartwarming and endearing story which speaks especially to the hearts of adopted children and those in foster care with a specific message at its core; love. It teaches that though a child may be adopted, he/she is just as special as children born in what’s considered ‘the normal family structure’. The book sends a wonderful message of love to children and shows that a mother is the one who chooses to love you no matter your circumstance.




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